Studies reveal that individuals from Black and Brown communities receive disproportionately low levels of venture capital, accounting for less than 1% of total funding. Our program is specifically tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by those who have historically been underserved and underfunded within the venture capital ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.

We fund and scale tech-enabled, revenue-generating businesses (under $1M). We ignite civic engagement and hyperlocal infrastructure at the intersection of business support services, supplier diversity, social and financial capital.

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The BGV | TikTok Innovate Together Grant Program is a collaborative effort between Black Girl Ventures and TikTok, stands as a transformative initiative with the overarching goal of empowering small business owners/entrepreneurs and content creators on their journey to success. The program will provide financial support enabling businesses to work with creators who possess the prowess to craft captivating content resonating with target audiences. The program aims to redefine success by fostering innovative collaborations, amplifying brand reach, and building lasting legacies. 

Applications open: January 30, 2024

Application close: February 29, 2024, 11:59pm

Who should get involved:

  • Entrepreneurs/Founders/Small Business Owners seeking funding for creative services for business growth (i.e. branding, influencer marketing, web development, logo design, video editing, etc).
  • Creators who would like to work with small businesses should ask that small business to apply as a pathway to collaboration.


  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have an active TikTok account.
  • Must be able to deliver the project within 3 months of receiving the grant (reporting required).
  • Must be available to attend an in person business development training March 22-24 (flight and lodging will be covered).

Award Levels:

  • Enterprise Award - $10,000
  • Innovation Award - $5,000
  • Community Award - $2,500

Goals and Objectives:

  • Empowerment through Collaboration 
    • Goal: Facilitate collaboration between visionary business minds and influential content creators by empowering entrepreneurs to collaborate with skilled creators for creative services that enhance storytelling and authentic connection.
  • Financial Support for Creativity: 
    • Goal: Provide financial support to small businesses and creators by providing a $50,000 grant pool to fuel innovative partnerships.
  • Scaling Businesses through Creative Marketing: 
    • Goal: Assist small businesses in scaling and reaching new audiences by leveraging creative marketing and influencer partnerships to expand their reach and impact.
  • Diverse Creative Endeavors: 
    • Goal: Support a variety of business sectors by encouraging applications from diverse industries, including culinary endeavors, fashion startups, and tech marvels.

About the 2024 Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program

The Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program is a fully unique 12-week leadership intensive development program created specifically to expand the capacity of early to mid-stage entrepreneurs. In this program, rising leaders will be developed to champion creating access to community, capital, and capacity building in their own markets.

Through the leadership of Shelly Omilàdè “Omi” Bell, Black Girl Ventures Foundation (BGV) has funded over 300 women of color, held over 50 BGV Pitch Programs across 20+ cities and served over 3,000+ participants. BGV pitch participants are collectively generating over $10M+ in revenue and supporting 3,000+ jobs. This impact is due to Omi developing and deploying the blueprint for ecosystem building that has garnered Black Girl Ventures Foundation as the number #1 ecosystem builder for Black and Brown identifying women, globally. In current times, we are sitting at the crux of a progressive focus on increased funding for Black and Brown women in the entrepreneurial space, and economic advancement for communities of color in social justice spaces. At this important juncture, more women are rising to lead economic advancement within their businesses and communities through entrepreneurship. To meet this demand, Black Girl Ventures has shifted the Change Agent Fellowship Program to the Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program. 

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Stipend: Each participant will receive a $5,000 stipend plus other non-monetary gifts
When: April 1, 2024 - June 20, 2024
Where: Virtual - Zoom
Who should get involved:
To be considered for admission to the program, applicants must be:

  • Be a business founder who LIVES AND HAS A BUSINESS BASED IN:

                                      - Los Angeles

                                      - Austin

                                      - Chicago

                                      - New York City

  • Identify as a  woman
  • Have been in business for at least one year
  • Be generating revenue
  • Have at least 1 team member (who can assist business operations while founder is in program)
  • Have the ability to commit to approximately 4 hours per week (48 hours through total program, to include Jetpack for Leaders + self-directed study) 
  • Have a passion for empowering and building the ecosystems of Black and Brown women founders in their community

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